Plan Ahead and Rest Easy

Moving is a long and exhausting process, and at the end of a long day of hauling everything you own from your old home to your new one, everyone in your family is going to want to get a good night’s sleep.

So when bedtime finally comes around, make it easy to catch some z’s by following this plan of action.

Pack Bedding Separately
Wash all the sheets, pillowcases, blankets and pajamas everyone will be sleeping in ahead of time in suitcases or a clean plastic storage container. Don’t pack them in cardboard boxes, as they could pick the scent of the cardboard and won’t be as well protected.

Label Everything
Make it easy to find these suitcases and bins by taping a piece of paper with the word “bedding” on it. If you use more than one bag or container for these, label each one, with the names of whose sheets are in each container.

Make Them Easy to Find
If your car is large enough, consider moving these things in your car. If not, as soon as someone in your family comes across the suitcases or containers, have them bring each to the appropriate bedrooms right away so that they’ll be ready to put on beds.

Set Up the Beds
When we move, we dream of making our new home perfect on moving day, but that isn’t realistic. And you know for a fact that everyone’s beds will be used, so make putting the beds together one of the first things you do. You don’t want to become so tired that you don’t want to do anymore, and then realize the beds haven’t been set up.

Sleep Survival Kits 
After a busy day of moving, people tend to want to wind down a bit before actually going to bed. Put together a survival kit of the things your family members will want before getting some shuteye. These include soap, shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletries. Also bring books or magazines to read before falling asleep.

And then, after you get a good night’s rest, you’ll be ready to continue the hectic moving process the next morning.

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